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2014 08-24 Knights of Columbus

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Recently Archbishop Gregory attended the annual National Convention of the Knights of Columbus. The Archbishop knows well that for many years the Knights of Columbus has done so much as an organization to demonstrate its support and appreciation for the priests of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Priests also show their support and appreciation for the Knights of Columbus in a very special way.  Just a few years ago, the National Federation of Priests’ Councils (NFPC) honored the Knights of Columbus of the United States with the NFPC Mandatum Award for their long history (since the 1880’s) of “supporting and encouraging young men and women in their call to a vocation to priesthood and religious life”, as well as for their work in highlighting Pope Benedict XVI’s “Year of the Priest’”.

The Knights of Columbus continues to do much to foster vocations not only to the priesthood but also to the diaconate and religious life.  Many Knights currently serve as deacons in the Church.  A good number of Knights of Columbus councils provide monthly support for seminarians in their time of training and formation.  Our Saint Brigid Council continues to support seminarians through the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  Our local council provides not only financial support, but also spiritual support through their prayers.

A few years ago, Pope Benedict encouraged Catholics to use mass media to reach new audiences with the message of God’s love.   The Knights of Columbus continues to use mass media effectively through its very comprehensive website and its extensive written publications.  This is certainly reflected in its wonderful monthly publication, Columbia Magazine.  In the magazine, we witness the articulation of clear Catholic teaching and inspiring words of wisdom as to how the Knights of Columbus serve as Catholics in action.  They make known what the Knights are doing to defend the rights of the unborn, the sanctity of the marriage bond, and other issues important to us as Catholics.

At Saint Brigid we have been blessed with many fine priests, deacons, and seminarians.  Just in the last few weeks, two of our seminarians, Jack Knight and Robbie Cotta have gone forward from the parish to pursue studies and other duties relative to their training and formation for the priesthood, with the continued support of the Knights.

As disciples of Christ, we are invited to pray that the Knights of Columbus and our priests, deacons and seminarians will continue their close and mutually supportive relationship in order to more effectively build the Kingdom of God on earth.     


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