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2011 02-27 Introduction

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February 27, 2011

At all the Masses this weekend, the parish family of Saint Brigid will hear about this year’s Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. We will be asked to contribute to the work of the Archbishop’s curia (the ministerial arm of his Episcopal ministry). In a way, this is a perfect Sunday for me to join you, as the newest member of the family!

In the Providence of God and through the discerning leadership of Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, I have been appointed the third Pastor of Saint Brigid. After the untimely death of the beloved Msgr. Paul Reynolds, the Archbishop and his advisors began the work of finding a new shepherd for Saint Brigid. It is the charge of the chief shepherd, to watch over and care for the whole flock of Christ. Archbishop Gregory has done this: He called me and asked me to leave a parish that I loved and to seek adoption into a new parish family. I have done this. I am happy to be with you. On this Appeal Sunday, along with considering all that the members of the Archbishop’s curia do with our sacrificial contributions, let us thank God for Archbishop Gregory. He has cared for us, you and me…as he asks us to become a family.

Most every week, I will offer a few words in this column. It’s one way for us to get to know one another. It’s one way I will offer you my understanding of our new Way of Life. In this first introductory column, let me offer a thumbnail sketch of what I bring to SBCC, in experience:

After years of working as a clinical social worker, I entered seminary and was ordained in 1989. After my first assignment as priest, I was sent to Rome for studies in Canon Law. I was awarded the doctorate in 1997, from the Pontifical Gregorian University. On my return, I served in various capacities in the Chancery (Vocation Director, Chancellor, Judicial Vicar). In 2003, I left the work of the Chancery and became a Pastor.

All this is shared in order to tell you this: with all that the Lord has allowed me to see and experience, I come to you and offer all that I have and am to you…my new family…as your brother in faith and as your Pastor, by God’s grace. Let us together seek first the Kingdom of God. We do this for our joy and for the greater glory of God.


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