Youth Confirmation

Registration: Registration for Confirmation 2023 has closed. Registration for Confirmation 2024 will open in December

Click here for the 2023 Confirmation Calendar

This Calendar lists the dates for classes and events REQUIRED to receive Confirmation. 

Add these dates to your family calendar now and take care to avoid future conflicts

In the Archdiocese of Atlanta, the Sacrament of Confirmation is usually received in 10th grade.  Teens at St. Brigid typically begin preparation in the spring semester of 9th grade.  Older high school students are welcome to join the program.

How to Register

    1. Fill out the 2023 Confirmation Registration 
    2. Print the form and bring to the parish office      -OR- “save as” to rename your registration form, then email as an attachment to
    3. Print the 2023 Program Calendar and add the dates to your family calendar!
    4. Pay the $150 Program Fee, by check to “Saint Brigid” or click the green button to pay online:

Prerequisites for Confirmation

  • Already have received the Sacraments of Baptism and First Communion
  • Be a member of Saint Brigid (or receive special permission from your own parish)
  • Attend weekly Sunday Mass 
  • Complete the 2-year religious education requirement for 7th/8th grade. This requirement is fulfilled by:
    • attending Catholic school     -or-
    • attending the EDGE middle school program   -or-
    • completing the EDGE independent program (if you did not attend EDGE in middle school, we will provide this independent work to complete within the first few weeks of Confirmation)

The Confirmation Timeline

  1. Registration:   Register for Confirmation preparation in Dec/Jan of 9th grade
  2. Winter Classes:   Attend all 5 classes in Feb/March
  3. Summer “Confirmation Camp”:   4-day program at Saint Brigid.   (Choose your week: June 19-22 or July 10-13)
  4. Fall Events:  Sponsor/Candidate Program in Sept & Weekend Retreat in Oct.
  5. November:  Confirmation is usually celebrated in Nov of 10th grade (date TBD)

FAQ:  Do Catholic High School students need to attend Confirmation classes?  Yes. The Archdiocese of Atlanta gives responsibility for sacramental preparation to the parish, so Catholic schools do not specifically prepare their students for Confirmation. The program offered at Saint Brigid is designed for all students.  Confirmation classes and events are required for all students, regardless of the public or private high school they currently attend.  

FAQ: What about Lifeteen?  The Life Teen program is not a required part of the Confirmation program, but we strongly encourage all students to participate in Life Teen.  See the Youth Ministry webpage for more information!

Older Students:  Confirmation is typically received in 10th grade, but any teen up to the age of 17 can participate in this program and receive Confirmation. Current 10th and 11th-grade students are welcome to register!

We look forward to working with you as together we prepare your teen for Confirmation!

  Kathy Hogan, Cindy Soder, Marissa Borah