Inquiry (Ages 18+)

How Do I Find Out More about the Catholic Church?

Are you interested in finding out more about the Catholic Church? The Inquiry process will help you to receive insights into the Catholic faith by discovering the truth, beauty, and goodness in the Church. As you investigate her founding by Christ, and the lives and teachings of the earliest Christians, you will see our Lord’s unfailing love throughout the centuries for his bride, the Church.

Inquiry is for those 18 and older who have not been baptized, were baptized in a non-Catholic Church or community, or were baptized Catholic, but have not yet received first Holy Communion and/or Confirmation.

The purpose of Inquiry is to allow you the opportunity to ask questions. Our goal is to provide what the Church teaches about those questions to allow you to make an informed decision about moving forward in receiving the sacraments.

Come learn about the Inquiry process at Saint Brigid, where you can ask the questions that you need answered and learn more about the Church that Christ built.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming Catholic, please contact Todd Coury for more information.