Older Children – First Communion

Did your miss  their First Holy Communion?

If you have a child OVER the age of 7, is baptized Catholic or in the Christian faith, who have not yet received their First Holy Communion, this sacrament can be received through the Rite of Christian for Children.

Rite of Initiation for Children, (RCIC), is a program that will teach your children the basics of the Catholic faith and will provide them with the preparation necessary to receive the sacraments of Baptism (if needed) as well as First Eucharist, First Reconciliation and Confirmation.  This is a program modeled after the one used in the early Church and is similar to the Rite of Initiation for Adults.  It will guide children and their families through the process using beautiful liturgical Rites as the faith is nurtured and grows.

The program runs on Sunday’s during the academic year, attend 9:00 am Mass and class from 10:20 am till 12:20 pm.  The Sacrament is celebrated at the Easter Vigil.

We also have special formation programs for those children who are older than 7 years old or who may have other special formation needs.



Dr. Mimi Gamel