Message of the Week

You Are My Beloved Son,
With You I Am Well Pleased

The Baptism of the Lord

Jesus begins His public ministry with an affirmation given to Him for us.

Jesus is the one who will baptize with fire and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the one who will not only save but also ignite in the world a new commitment to God’s direction for us.

We also receive fire and the Holy Spirit in our baptism.  We receive the fire of faith and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our commitment to our faith mission is worked out over time in the circumstances of our lives.

Do you ever think of the meaning of your personal baptism for your life?

Do you ever feel the fire or the spirit of Jesus in your life?



You Are My Beloved Son; With You I Am Well Please

The Baptism of the Lord

The favor of God rested upon Jesus.

His baptism was an example for all of us.

Make a tangible stand on what you are about to do.

The spirit will come and remain with you forever.

Are you prepared to begin anew?




This is My Beloved Son,
With Who I Am Well Pleased

The Baptism of the Lord

It is He who comes out of the waters of the Jordan to begin a new cycle of life for all of us.

He comes into your life out of your baptism.

It is the acceptance of Him and listening to Him that makes this new life a reality.

Have you thought about what this means to you?

Flight to Egypt

The Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph responded to the warning of the Angel of the Lord.

Their acceptance of the Infant Jesus immediately changed the circumstances of their lives.

They had to flee to Egypt to protect the King of the Universe.

Can we also flee from things that harm the Godliness within us?

Can we also listen to the guidance of the Spirit of the Lord in our lives?

The Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph


– We are brothers and sisters of Jesus because we are children of his mother, Mary and his Father.

– God has adopted us as his very own children and has forgiven us.

– As a family, God has chosen us to allow the peace of Christ to control our hearts and so we should forgive our family members when they wrong us.

– We are called to love our family in imitation of the Holy Family by…..
Being compassionate when they suffer
Being kind in all the circumstances of family life,
Being humble even when you know you are right, and
Being gentle and patient with their faults and failings.

– Let us always thank God for the gift of the Holy Family and our own.