Message of the Week

Where is the Newborn King of the Jews? We Saw His Star at it’s Rising and Have Come to do Him Homage.

Epiphany of the Lord

The prophesied Messiah impacted the world from the moment of His birth.

The Magi traveled a long distance hoping to find him.

They were not Jews, yet they understood the significance of this child.

Herod understood too and sensed a threat to his authority, and so it continues to this day.

Some today see Christ as their hope, Savior, and miracle.

Others see Christ as a treat to their way of life, yet others simply ignore the reality of His presence.

Does Jesus have a place in your heart? Who do you say that He is?




We Have Come to Do Him Homage

Epiphany of the Lord

The three Magi represent the manifestation of Jesus in the world.

They followed their prophecy and the star to find the new King.

They followed their heads and their hearts to experience the utmost of wonder.

Can we risk a difficult journey to find what we too know in the utmost of wonder?

Will we bring the gift of our lives to the New Born King?

Where is the Newborn King of the Jews?

Epiphany of the Lord
  • The three Kings were hungry for something great and noble in their lives.
  • They traveled a great distance to find what they sought and paid a great price in homage.
  • This is the Almighty coming into the affairs of men and kings, priests and prophets, scribes, shepherds and mystics.
  • They now knew that He was present in a new and powerful manner through the infant Jesus.
  • The affairs of man have never been the same since the Star of Bethlehem guided the Magi.
  • Jesus guides us now.
  • Where is Jesus in your life? Are you willing to follow Him and pay Him homage?

Follow the Light of God

Epiphany of the Lord

– Jesus, the light of the world, has come into the world and his glory shines upon us and enlightens us

– The Magi saw the light of God in the sky and risked everything to follow that light

– They were overjoyed and upon seeing Jesus with Mary and they worshipped him

– As the Magi worshipped Jesus in joy, let us worship him in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, begging our Lady to intercede for us as we do so

– As we receive the light of the world in Holy Communion this day and as we believe in his holy name, let us recognize the power of God to make us his children