Message of the Week

And When I Am Lifted Up From the Earth, I Will Draw Everyone to Myself.

The Fifth Sunday of Lent

Jesus predicted the kind of death he would die.

His ultimate moment of glory was at hand.

He instructs us to follow him and to live a life of self-sacrifice.

He offered His life for others and He expects us to do the same.

Life is meant to be good but also focused on what is most important.

Lent should help us order our existence. How are we doing?




For God So Love the World, That He Gave His Only Son

The Fourth Sunday of Lent

Jesus is aware that followers do not understand what He means.

The temple is a structure,  but His body is the true temple of God.

Death is thought to be an ending, but for Christ, it will lead to the resurrection and our salvation.

The mysteries that surround Christ our King and Savior are profound.

As we contemplate Lent and our relationship with God, let us ask for the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment.

What mysteries of Christ do you need help to understand?




Destroy This Temple, and In Three Days, I Will Raise It Up.

The Third Sunday of Lent

Jesus made a prediction of His Resurrection.

The emphasis of the dignity of His body was contrasted with the profane actions of the money changers in the temple.

Jesus knew the fickle nature of people who just wanted to see miracles.

He knows the true nature of our hearts

Is our Lenten journey bringing us closer to Him?





This Is My Beloved Son, Listen To Him

The Second Sunday of Lent

The transfiguration of Jesus cements the relationship of Jesus to the Faith, for the disciples, and for us.

It was a mysterious event that caused the disciples to think and discuss the meaning of rising from the dead.

As we celebrate Lent and prepare for Easter it is good for us to, once again, ponder Jesus’ resurrection.

Our reading each Sunday always connects the experience of the Jewish people and the prophets with Jesus’ fulfillment of God’s promises.

Are we ready to consider the experiences of the prophets and Jesus’ fulfillment as important guideposts for our lives?



This is the Time of Fullfillment, The Kingdom of God is at Hand

The First Sunday of Lent

Jesus started his ministry being tempted by Satan.

He was in a desert devoid of comforts and inhabited by dangerous beasts.

A hostile world turned away from God by the stain of original sin.

But He prevailed.

He modeled for us how we are to respond to temptation and pain.

He taught us that by proclaiming His word to further the Kingdom.

It is a mission to be pursued despite the trails that accompany it.

Lent can fortify you for your mission.

Will you make use of this opportunity?



Passion of the Lord

For This I was Born and For This I Came Into the World to Testify to the Truth

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Lent

Jesus’ life and the sacrifice of that life was the greatest act of love in all of time.

His love for us even exceeded our ability to ignore and reject him by our transgressions.

Passion Sunday and Holy Week bring Jesus’ sacrifice back into the reality of our lives.

We are challenged to remember and to change.

Will we respond by improving our lives to live as He taught us to live?

I Am the Resurrection and the Life, Whoever Believes in Me, Even if he dies, Will live

The Fifth Sunday in Lent

Jesus, by raising Lazarus confirmed his promise.

We too are heirs to this promise.

Have faith and trust in Jesus and we can face anything, even death.

What do you need help with right now? Pray and ask for it.  He is listening.

I Came Into This World For Judgement,
So That Those Who Do Not See Might See

The Fourth Sunday of Lent

…… And those who do not see might become blind.

Jesus helps us see what is truly important in life.

In Baptism, Jesus reveals Himself to us.  Will we accept the gift from Jesus so that we may truly see Him as our Lord and worship Him?


… The water I shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

The Third Sunday of Lent

As water is essential for existence, Jesus is essential for eternal life.

He comes to everyone with an offer and a gift of salvation through Him.

Jesus said,  “I Am He”, the Messiah.   Do we need further convincing?

Artwork used with permission, "The Woman at the Well”,



This is my Beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.

Second Sunday of Lent

The Apostles were given first-hand experience with Jesus to help strengthen their faith.

We too experience Jesus in this Gospel, to focus us on who Jesus was and is.

Are we moving forward with this message or are we afraid or paralyzed by something else?


The Lord, Your God Shall You Worship and Him Alone Shall You Serve

The First Sunday of Lent

Honoring and following God’s Word is more important than anything else in life.

The Devil’s temptations will try to obscure that fact.

How is this a challenge for us?

How do we respond?

Let the One Among You
Who is Without Sin
Throw the First Stone

The Fifth Sunday of Lent
  • Jesus can always see the state of our hearts.
  • He can see hypocrisy, He can see true contrition.
  • And He always has mercy for the repentant.
  • In this Gospel, Jesus again teaches the lesson of looking inward before judging.
  • Examining our own motives, examining the state of our soul – is difficult.
  • But that is what we are called to do during Lent.
  • Can you refrain from judging others?
  • Do you have the courage to see your own faults and failings?

Your Brother Was Dead,
and Has Come To Life Again;
He Was Lost and Has Been Found

The Fourth Sunday of Lent
  • Jesus tells us that the father of the returning, humbled, and penitent son was overjoyed.
  • He was jubilant that his son gave up his ways of sin, and returned to his father.
  • So it is with our heavenly Father, when we return to Him and ask forgiveness.
  • His mercy and grace abound for those who come to Him with humble and contrite hearts.
  • Which son will we model ourselves after?
  • The one who fully acknowledges his brokenness and seeks forgiveness?
  • Or the one who resents his father’s mercy toward his brother?


The Third Sunday of Lent
  • Jesus admonishes us to change our ways.
  • Jesus also reminds us that we will face difficulties in life, sometimes because of our own behaviors.
  • These difficulties are not sent to us as punishment but are opportunities for us to turn toward God and realize that God is there to sustain us in these times, just as the gardener lovingly cultivated and fertilized the barren tree to give it another chance.
  • Jesus will offer us guidance, comfort and mercy in times of trouble when we turn to Him.
  • The heartfelt acknowledgment of His goodness and our sinfulness will result in regret for our failings.
  • This regret can cause us to change our ways.
  • The choice is yours – will you turn to God and repent, allowing Jesus to feed your soul?

This is My Chosen Son; Listen to Him

The Second Sunday of Lent
  • In this story of the Transfiguration, Jesus reveals His divinity to 3 chosen disciples.
  • He is the Messiah, prefigured and prophesied in the Old Testament.
  • The disciples, however, had an incomplete understanding of the Old Testament portrayal of the Messiah.
  • Only when the voice from the cloud proclaimed, “This is my Chosen Son”, did the reality of Jesus’ divinity, and a new mission, begin to dawn on the three disciples.
  • We too can have trouble grasping the reality of Jesus’ divinity and the essence of His mission.
  • What makes it hard for you to grasp the meaning of Jesus’ divine nature and mission?
  • What can help you to do this?

You Shall Worship the Lord Your God
and Him Alone Shall You Serve

The First Sunday of Lent
  • As Jesus began his ministry He was tempted by the devil.
  • He could have given up on His mission and could have had everything a human being could desire: wealth, power and self-gratification.
  • All He had to do was worship the devil.
  • Jesus stood fast to His mission to the point of his death.
  • We are to remain true to the mission Jesus has given us, even to the point of death.
  • The season of Lent asks us “….are you ready”?

Jesus – Salvation

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Lent
  • Jesus Christ died for our Salvation.
  • Men killed Him because of what he said and did. He died because He was faithful to the end in what He knew to be the Father’s will.
  • Because He was faithful, even to death, He proved that at least one man could be faithful to the Father’s will, to the end.
  • We are forgiven by that very act.
  • He fought a human and cosmic battle and He won. He could have quit but He didn’t.
  • All He asks is that we allow Him into our lives. All He asks is that we get to know Him and to follow Him.
  • We meet Him in the Mass. Our knee does bend. We are raised up. We are strengthened. We proclaim that Jesus is Lord. We breathe life. We go forward in confidence to live life as God meant us to live.

Jesus – Lent – Future

Fifth Sunday of Lent
– Jesus offers us a future.
– Jesus lifted Lazarus from death and He will bring each of us to a like resurrection.
– Jesus said He will stay with us now and take us with Him in the future. He has prepared a place for us. No one else has done that.
– God will do this in His time and His way but in the meantime, hang-on and trust.
– Why don’t we dream a little?  Why don’t we accept that this is true?
– How would our lives and attitudes change if we really held this to be true?
– This entire idea would only be a fantasy if Jesus had not been with us and proved that He will do it.

Jesus – Future

Fifth Sunday of Lent

– Jesus offers us a future.
– Jesus lifted Lazarus from death and He will bring each of us to a like resurrection.
– Jesus said He will stay with us now and take us with Him in the future. He has prepared a place for us. No one else has done that.
– God will do this in His time and His way but in the meantime, hang-on and trust.
– Why don’t we dream a little?  Why don’t we accept that this is true?
– How would our lives and attitudes change if we really held this to be true?
– This entire idea would only be a fantasy if Jesus had not been with us and proved that He will do it.

Jesus – Lent – Healing

Fourth Sunday of Lent
– Jesus came to save all creation in the future and He comes to heal us now.
– He healed the eyes of the blind man and also healed His heart and undoubtedly His position in His world.  He healed doubt and self‐image.
– The love of God is the only medicine to heal the effects of evil, despair, failure, isolation and a lost life.  God loved us so much that he sent His Son.
– Jesus is the healing power of God in our lives. A healing power to cure the sicknesses of life and even the effects of physical illness and indeed physical illness itself.
– What is it that we must be healed of?  What is it that blinds us to the life we need to see?  What is it that will heal us from things we are doing or have done?
– Is it true that we can offer our lives, our needs and our shortcomings as a sacrifice to our God at Mass?  Is it true that Jesus will offer our lives with His?  Is it true that He will heal us?

Jesus – Lent – Life

Third Sunday of Lent
– Jesus is the light and life of the world.
– He is not only a teacher but also the basic source of our spiritual life. We follow Him and nothing else.
– Just as we need water for our bodies, we need the water of eternal salvation for eternal life. Jesus provides us with this water of salvation.
– We can always reflect on His Heavenly glory and are reminded that He came down to us, for us.
– Jesus’ mission was to bring life to a dead world. He came to raise up all of creation and to raise us up as well.
– What must we do with the life He gives us?

Jesus – Lent – Divinity

Second Sunday of Lent
– Jesus came to us as the Son of God.
– He is not just another philosopher, coach, or prophet. Jesus is God with us.
-He is the Beloved Son and we can trust what He says and what He does. We are to listen to Him. We are to watch what He did and how He did it.
– Jesus tells us that when we see Him, we see the Father (John 14:9). Jesus shows us the love and compassion that the Father has for us.
– How do we experience Him in the here and now? Is it possible that that Divine spark is really meant for us?
– Is it possible that when He comes to us in the Eucharist, He is really within us?
– What does this mean to us and what does that say that we must do?

Jesus – Lent – Humanity

First Sunday of Lent
– Jesus came to us as a human being.
– He lived a life of work, relationships and mission.  He struggled with the common realities of life and experienced all except sin.
– God promises to guide us, to shepherd us, but we must listen to the words of the Holy Prophet he sent, which is Jesus, his only begotten Son In the Gospel, the demons recognize Jesus, they call him the Holy One of God.
– He overcame temptations and obstacles to his mission.  He lived his life for us and for others and encourages us to do the same.
– Jesus came as a human being so he could be an example of how to live and love.  He reaches out to us to share a relationship with Him so we may live a similar life.
– Lent is a time to reflect on how we are doing with our mission in life, our relationship with Him and with others.  It is also a time to consider how we might need to change. “The kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe in the Gospel.”