Message of the Week

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He Will Be Filled With the Holy Spirit… “John Is His Name.”

Nativity of St. John the Baptist
· God has a plan for each of us.
· If we ask the Holy Spirit what it is, He will help us discern it.
· God had an important plan for Elizabeth’s son.
· John the Baptist was filled with the Spirit from the time he was in the womb.
· He leapt in the womb when he felt the presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb.
· He knew of Jesus, his mission to redeem the world, and to make present the Kingdom of God.
· John prepared the way for Jesus’ ministry by teaching about his coming
· He even baptized Jesus in preparation for his public ministry.
· The Father and His Spirit are always there for us to – as they were for John.
· Will you turn to the Spirit and ask for his help?
· You can ask the spirit what your mission is.
· You can ask the Spirit to help you with your mission.
· You can ask the Spirit to keep you connected to God the Father so you can do his will and fulfill His plan for you.