Message of the Week

The Advocate Will Be With You Always

Pentecost Sunday
  • The great transition has taken place.
  • The Spirit will now be our guide.
  • Jesus comes to be with us in a new way, through the Spirit.
  • Just imagine for a moment the incredible gift we have received.
  • The power and presence of God as a guide and help.
  • The power of creation and love itself is always with us.
  • Pray and ask again for guidance for new life in the Spirit.


Come Holy Spirit

Pentecost Sunday
· The Holy Spirit burst in upon the Apostles on Pentecost.
· The Holy Spirit changed those Apostles forever.
· If you are open to Him, the Holy Spirit will burst into your life too!
· Speak to Him about your life, your doubts, your hopes and He will help you resolve your concerns and wishes.
· Jesus promised us that He would never leave us alone.  He promised to send us the Holy Spirit which is also His Spirit.
· We have before us the power of Almighty God, in the Spirit.  Anything is possible.
· We must never be afraid.  We must move forward in faith and in life.
· Reach out to your God and He will lead you into the future He has planned for you.
· You are loved and blessed beyond your wildest dreams!