Message of the Week

Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday

 Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to be with us and to sustain us.

We receive the same gift given to the apostles and disciples through our baptism and confirmation.

Indeed, we are given the same power and support whenever we receive the Eucharist.

Pentecost is often called the birthday of the church and, in a way, it is our birthday too.

We have been given a new life in faith.

Jesus sends us to do His work.  Are we ready to go?





The Advocate Will Be With You Always

Pentecost Sunday
  • The great transition has taken place.
  • The Spirit will now be our guide.
  • Jesus comes to be with us in a new way, through the Spirit.
  • Just imagine for a moment the incredible gift we have received.
  • The power and presence of God as a guide and help.
  • The power of creation and love itself is always with us.
  • Pray and ask again for guidance for new life in the Spirit.


Come Holy Spirit

Pentecost Sunday
· The Holy Spirit burst in upon the Apostles on Pentecost.
· The Holy Spirit changed those Apostles forever.
· If you are open to Him, the Holy Spirit will burst into your life too!
· Speak to Him about your life, your doubts, your hopes and He will help you resolve your concerns and wishes.
· Jesus promised us that He would never leave us alone.  He promised to send us the Holy Spirit which is also His Spirit.
· We have before us the power of Almighty God, in the Spirit.  Anything is possible.
· We must never be afraid.  We must move forward in faith and in life.
· Reach out to your God and He will lead you into the future He has planned for you.
· You are loved and blessed beyond your wildest dreams!