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Do Not be Afraid, For I Am Bringing You Good News of Great Joy for All People

The Nativity of the Lord

To you this day is born in the city of David, a Savior who is the Messiah and Lord.

Without pretense or fanfare Jesus comes to live among us.

If all His glory and majesty can reside in such a humble and unassuming persona, can’t we put aside our desires for self-importance and attention?



The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas) | USCCB 


A Savior Has Been Born for You Who is Christ and Lord

The Nativity of the Lord

Joy to the world, our redemption is at hand!

The Infant in swaddling clothes comes to us as Master of the world and universe.

His family nourished and protected Him until His time of ministry and final purpose to come.

The challenge to protect and nourish His word and teaching is now upon us.

Can you make a Christmas gift to God, a new and fervent birth of Jesus in your life?



I Proclaim to You Good News of Great Joy…

The Nativity of the Lord

A Savior has been born for you.

Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace to those on whom His Favor Rests!

For Unto You Is Born This Day A Savior

The Nativity of the Lord

· A Savior was born for you. This was the greatest possible sign of God’s love.
· The Savior remains with you. This amazing gift of God’s love is His desire to remain with you in spirit and body.
· Mary and Elizabeth both experienced the coming of Jesus into their lives. They experienced the joy and words of the divine encounter. They said: how could this be a reality for us?
· The coming of Jesus was real to them. It happened.
· The reality of the Savior is real for us too. Why has God come so close to us? Why does He offer himself to us? Because He loves us!
· With the coming of Jesus, everything in the world and all of history changed. Everything in your life changed. In this Christmas season, ponder the gift of this great mystery — the mystery of the birth of Jesus and His coming to you again and again in the Eucharist.