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The Saint Brigid children’s athletic leagues are open to all boys and girls who are parishioners of St. Brigid, St. Benedict, and St. Andrew Catholic Churches or attend Holy Redeemer Catholic School.  We offer Soccer, Basketball, and Girls Volleyball.

All St. Brigid Athletic Ministry programs are run by active parent volunteers. The success of the children’s athletic program is dependent upon volunteers serving as coaches and assistant coaches.   We have a Program Director and Athletic Director who help administer the program but the actual coaching is all done by parents.  Parent participation is encouraged, and you will enjoy the program more as you become active with the children.  Please prayerfully consider participating in this important children’s ministry.  Please contact Bryan McFarland if you are interested.

All volunteer parents must have completed the VIRTUS Program screening and training before becoming involved with the program. More information is available at

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Boys and Girls Fall Soccer 2020


Hope everyone is doing well in these interesting times; I wanted to drop a line and thank everyone who signed up for soccer last season and just carried over their registration to the fall season.  We had a remarkable turnout last season and I’m hoping we can exceed that this season.

We are discussing how we are going to come back and if there will be any new rules.  Also, I want to say thank you to all the parents who stepped up last season to coach.  With that being said I would like some of you to consider coaching and volunteering next season and shooting me an email if you’re interested.  We all have busy schedules but this program only works with parent participation.

Last season a parent asked me why does it seem other schools run a lot more smoothly and I explained those schools have (five to six per team) parents that sign up to volunteer every year.

Some of you have already contacted me to see if you can start practicing; I am checking with the school and the league to see when that’s possible.  I understand many families didn’t take vacations this summer because of the pandemic and the kids are eager to get outside and do something.

Please be sure your child has an account with us so you will be updated with news via email.

Once again thank you for supporting our school and parish.

William Mosley

St. Brigid Catholic Church Fall 2020 Soccer Program Registration 

The St. Brigid Soccer Program is run by volunteers of the St. Brigid Athletic Ministry.  PLEASE do not register if you are not a Holy Redeemer Student, St. Brigid Parishioner, St. Benedict parishioner or St. Andrew parishioner. If you have any questions, please send a message to William Mosley.
CMSL Fall 2020 Soccer Program Registration starts July 26th and has been extended to ends August 8th, at 11:59 PM.
The Fall CMSL season will consist of 6 games beginning the weekend of September 12th and ending the weekend of October 25th. U10, U12, U14 programs will participate in the CMSL tournament the weekend of October 31st. Games will be on either Saturday or Sunday with some weekends, you might have 2 games.
For detailed information please visit  CMSL Information Link
Registration Costs:
Pre-K Registration is $100 and closes on August 1st.
U6, U7, U8 Registration is $125 and closes on August 1st
U10, U12, U14 Registration is $140 and closes on August 1st
For your information, Sports Connect charges a non-refundable $3 Service Fee per transaction which will be added on to your Registration payment balance at checkout. This $3 fee will also be charged for each scheduled payment under the Payment Plan if you elect this option at the time of registration.
Please note the following refund processes for cancellations after registration:
For the Pre-K program – a $20 refund fee will be charged for cancellations before 8/15; a $40 refund fee will be charged for cancellations between 8/15 and 9/17; and no refunds will be allowed after 9/17
For the U6, U7, U8 programs – a $35 refund fee will be charged for cancellations before 8/15; a $70 refund fee will be charged for cancellations between 8/15 and 9/17; and no refunds will be allowed after 9/17
For the U10, U12, U14 programs – a $35 refund fee will be charged for cancellations before 9/17; and no refunds will be allowed after 9/17
Uniforms: Soccer Jersey Program: Returning (K-8th) players will reuse the uniforms from last season, but have the opportunity during registration to purchase a new uniform for $25. New registrants will need to purchase a uniform. Pre-K program includes uniform.

Boys and Girls Basketball Fall 2020-21




Now CLOSED  Kindergarten to 8th grades – Due to COVID-19

Bryan McFarland

Children's Athletics Coordinator