Your Christmas Gift from the Men of Saint Brigid.

God doesn’t underestimate you.

Why do you crave more? Because God made you for more. In fact, He’s given you a spiritual superpower:
the ability to collaborate with Him right where you are.  Holy Moments are the profoundly simple and
astonishingly practical way to collaborate with God, moment by moment, for the rest of your life.  Master
your power to create Holy Moments and you will discover the life of extraordinary meaning and divine
purpose God made you for!

Holy Moments Will Make You Insanely Happy

Holy Moments will flood your life with meaning and divine purpose. They will also make you insanely happy. Moment by moment, they will turn the nagging dissatisfaction in your soul into enduring and overflowing joy.  In a world full of distractions where we are encouraged to fill our lives with meaningless things and trivial activities, Holy Moments have the power to unleash the greatness of the human spirit.

Please enjoy your book from the Men of Saint Brigid.  To find out more about this wonderful ministry visit their website at

These books will be distributed after all Masses on the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas.  There are extra in the Narthex and in the Parish office.
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