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I Am the Good Shepherd

Fourth Sunday of Easter

We celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday.  It is a day when we reflect upon the tender image of Jesus as the Shepherd of us all. It is also a day set aside to pray for more shepherds within our Church who will shepherd God’s flock with the Heart of Christ.

Our Gospel today is Jesus’ commentary upon the actions of the Pharisees in contrast to His own. The Pharisees, as religious leaders, were not shepherds. They were “thieves and robbers” who came to “steal and slaughter and destroy.” Jesus, however, came so that those who listened to His voice “might have life and have it more abundantly.”

Though God shepherds us today through His sacred pastors, we are all called to participate in this shepherding of the Good Shepherd in our own unique way.  We are called to lead those within our families, at work, at school, within our neighborhoods, social circles and in every other societal context.  But too often we imitate these Pharisees by allowing our own selfishness and desire for self-importance to interfere with our ability to put others first and love them with the Shepherd’s heart.

Reflect, today, upon the calling you have received to lay down your life for others in imitation of the Good Shepherd.  In order to imitate this love in the Heart of Christ, we must love without seeking love in return.  Laying our lives down is an act of sacrificial love that enables us to look only at the needs of those around us.  Pride and selfishness must disappear, and the good of the other must become our only goal.  Reflect upon how well you do this and pray that the Good Shepherd will use you to shepherd those in your life who need it the most.


Fourth Sunday of Easter | USCCB

.. whoever remains in Me and I in Him will bear much fruit.

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