Message of the Week

Prepare the Way of the Lord

Second Sunday of Advent

· On this Second Sunday of Advent we are called to get ready for the coming of the Savior into our lives.
· Preparation requires that we remove the hills and valleys in our lives that impede our progress toward our relationship with Jesus.
· Repentance for what we have done wrong is a good start.
· A second step is to ponder the glory that is before us. Our God is coming to be with us and to save us, again.
· We must recognize the coming of the baby Jesus and the man Jesus as God’s greatest possible gift.
· Can we stop what we are doing and think for a moment about the great thing that will happen for us?
· Can we filter out the sounds and activities of the season long enough to cherish the meaning of the season for us?

The Lord Is In Your Midst

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