Ministry Reservations & Requests

An important part of ministries is being able to meet and spread the word of your works.  In order to do this at Saint Brigid, we have several forms that should be filled out, whether it is requesting a meeting space, after-Mass activities, or a guest speaker, we have just the form you need which will be reviewed and approved by our pastor, Fr. Neil Herlihy.

This applies to all meetings, events, or solicitations on or off-site, in-person or virtual.  

Please submit the completed form before inquiring about availability.  The forms should be emailed to Cindy Soder at

To reserve a meeting space, you must complete a Room Request Form:

Room Reservation Form for July 2023 – June 2024

Room Reservation Form for July 2024 – June 2025

To reserve the landing or hallway after Sunday Masses, you must receive our Pastor’s approval by completing a Solicitation Request Form:

Ministry Request for After Mass  Solicitation Form

To have a speaker at a ministry meeting, you must receive our Pastor’s approval by completing a Speaker Request Form:

Speaker Request Form