Walking with Moms in Need

 Saint Brigid invites you to learn more about the USCCB initiative, Walking With Moms in Need.   


Saint Brigid has launched the USCCB initiative, Walking with Moms in Need (WWMIN).  Pregnant and parenting moms in need are in our parishes and our neighborhoods, and as Pope Francis reminds us, our parishes need to be islands of mercy in the midst of the sea of indifference.  

Everyone in our parish can assist us in many different ways to help pregnant women in need, as well as support mothers who require help for their families.  Our parish has been helping these moms for a long time and we want you to know how you can help us support this USCCB initiative.

Volunteers are needed in several areas, including computer skills, staffing the help request email, helping with baby showers, setting up a meal train or making a meal, running errands, and being the parish’s primary point of contact for a given family. If you are interested in joining this ministry or desire more information, please contact Cathy Schneider at respectlife.saintbrigid@gmail.com.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to Saint Brigid St. Vincent de Pauls’s Ministry and in the memo line please write “ SVDP crisis pregnancy fund.”  The check can be mailed or dropped off at the parish or in the collection basket. These donations are used to sustain mothers who have chosen life and have no benefits to be off on maternity leave. Therefore, they have no income for 6 to 8 weeks.  We never let a family become homeless or behind on their bills because they chose life.  So, while they recover from childbirth, we pay their rent and bills to keep the family stable. Thank you for considering a donation to help this important ministry to walk with moms in need.

Over the past few months, we have paid rent and utilities for moms who were off and had no income,  a car repair to help a mom keep her job with reliable transportation, paid OB care for undocumented pregnant moms, and much, much more.

Thank you for your donation! 


Current Needs

1. Prayers are needed for Mckenzie and Jamisha who did NOT get abortions yesterday praise God but they are absolutely still vulnerable. Thank you Brian Bimone, Kim Yourick, Suellen Wohnig, Rubina Anugerah, and Barbara Harman for being there praying and offering hope and help. We are working to get them resources in their area and pour more love and hope into them. 

2. I REALLY need TWO donated vehicles that can hold 6 or 7. I have two families that desperately need transportation (one family of 6 and one of 7). Please spread the word for if there is a van or SUV for donation. (tax donation)

3. Monthly meal for Chelsea- She is working full time and taking 12 hours of online classes in college toward her nursing degree. If anyone can provide make a meal and we could take it to her once a month to freeze. She lives a bit away from us it is a hike. 

4: Gift cards for clothing for the mothers ( ex: Ross Dress for Less) or for Baby Clothes