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2011 03-27 Thirsting for righteousness

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March 27, 2011

We don’t know her name. She was from Samaria, and her people and their customs were rejected by the righteous of Israel. But when Jesus met her, he didn’t reject her. When he saw her drawing water at a well, he turned to her and said give me a drink.


In my four years of study in bella Roma, there were so many blessings. It was the hardest thing I have ever done (completing the doctorate and defending it…in Italian), but that privilege of studying abroad was such a gift. And though I could spend a month of Sundays talking about those experiences that I experienced, two stand out…as bookends holding all else: the privilege of meeting John Paul the Great on several occasions and concelebrating with him at St. Peter’s; and the work I did with Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity.

Pope John Paul would proclaim in the world’s languages…be not afraid! And Mother Teresa began to share with the world what she had been given in prayer…that Christ thirsts for us…longs for us…desires our love and our obedience.

A man and a woman who lived in our time heard what the Samaritan woman heard. John Paul the Great and Mother Teresa heard their Lord…He longed for them, thirsted for them, desired their love and their obedience. Give me a drink…

As the parish family of Saint Brigid enters the third week of Lent, let us listen intently for the silent Presence of the Lord in our heart…let us listen for Him…as He longs for us, thirsts for us, desires our love and obedience. Will we be ready to give Him a drink?


Some items of interest:

Our five-star Day School is registering for next year’s class. I hear that there is still room for a few two year olds. Come and see how our staff cares for the little ones.

Our Lenten Mission with Dr. Alan Hunt is fast approaching April 12 -14. The three day mission will conclude on Thursday the 14th and there will be an opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation with area priests.

Friday nights at SBCC: come and enjoy a delicious Lenten supper with the Knights and then celebrate the Liturgy of the Stations of the Cross. Come and see…fellowship and prayer!

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

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