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2011 05-01 Divine Mercy Sunday & Blessed John Paul II

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May 1, 2011

For eight days, we Roman Catholics celebrate the two great solemnities of our Christ-centered liturgical calendar: His birth, at Christmas and His Resurrection, at Easter. For eight days each December, I enjoy wishing all a Merry Christmas! The folks at the stores and restaurants don’t know how to deal with this Catholic exuberance, as I spread Christmas joy after the 25th (when most are taking down their trees and decorations). Still, most respond back to me, with a tad of uncertainty…Merry Christmas. Christmas is too important for just one day of celebration!

Easter is celebrated in the same way…for eight days. On the octave or eighth day of Easter, the Church remembers the Crucified and Risen Lord, and His victory over sin and death. We do this by recalling his mercy…His Divine Mercy. Today, the octave day of Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday.

On this Divine Mercy Sunday, as we remember the Lord’s passionate love for our Abba and for us, we also remember Pope John Paul the Great, who had a special devotion to this feast. And on this 2011 Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI will declare John Paul the Great to be blessed…a soul of God that the whole Church believes is with the Lord in the fullness of eternal life. Today, our old friend will be known as Blessed John Paul II…Blessed John Paul the Great. Let us rejoice in this gift of God, this man of God, this saint of God…Blessed John Paul the Great.


The project I began a few weeks ago has gained the support of several of you. My hope is to purchase new matching vestments for the priests and deacons of the parish, in all the liturgical colors of our liturgical year. For those who are able to sponsor one (or more) of the cost of the vestments, we will sew in the vestment a name of a deceased member of the family or a living loved one.

For those of you that cannot afford the cost of sponsoring a vestment on your own, please know that we still need your help! All of us will enjoy the beauty of these vestments. Please contact me if you might be able to assist in this small project (


I am completing my second month with you as Pastor and as fellow-parishioner. I want to thank all who have given me such a warm welcome. Together, as the parish family of Saint Brigid, great things are in store for us…for the Lord is with us…and we are His!

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

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