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2011 05-08 Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

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May 8, 2011

In 2007, two of our parishioners, Bob Wood and Nick Bain, attended a Christ Renews His Parish weekend at St. Andrew Parish in Roswell. They attended this retreat at the direction of our Pastor, Monsignor Paul Reynolds. Upon completion of their weekend, Bob and Nick reported back to Monsignor Reynolds and shortly thereafter, Monsignor Reynolds implemented Christ Renews His Parish at Saint Brigid. In February 2008, a group of men and women from St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church came to Saint Brigid and presented the Christ Renews His Parish weekends to a group of Saint Brigid men and women. Since 2008, five more Christ Renews His Parish weekends have been presented by our own Saint Brigid parishioners to other Saint Brigid parishioners.

Over three hundred of our parishioners have attended their individual weekends and for many of them, it has been a life changing experience. The vision is for all members of our parish to attend a Christ Renews His Parish weekend and from their individual experiences to become involved in ministry and in community here at Saint Brigid.

I attended the very first Christ Renews His Parish weekend back in February 2008. I have remained involved as one of the spiritual leaders in subsequent Christ Renews His Parish weekends and have witnessed amazing spiritual growth in our men and women in the Parish. I have witnessed first-hand the vision of a true renewal within the parish. Many of these parishioners attended Sunday Mass each week with little or no other involvement in the parish. They are now active members of the Knights of Columbus, the Caring Connection, Man to Man, Men of Saint Brigid, St. Vincent de Paul, and so many other ministries. Many of them now attend Eucharistic Adoration; some have become Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion; some now visit the sick on a regular basis; some have become lectors; some have become RCIA and RCIC sponsors; and some have become Sponsor Couples who are assisting the clergy in marriage preparation.

Many of us intellectualize our faith and take comfort in our knowledge of the faith. Our faith knowledge is of course essential and should never be discounted. There is, however, another aspect of our faith that is so critical. We need to experience this faith in our hearts. Christ Renews His Parish helps many people to experience Christ in a very deep and emotional way. When our heads and our hearts are in tune with each other, anything is possible in terms of our spiritual growth within the parish. Thanks be to God, that Monsignor Reynolds encouraged us to accept the gift of Christ Renews His Parish as a means of renewal for our parish. And what is more, Monsignor David is following that lead and is supportive of this parish-wide call to renewal of mind and heart.

I encourage our men and women of Saint Brigid who have not attended a Christ Renews His Parish weekend to prayerfully consider saying yes to this very special encounter with Christ. You can find information on the weekends offered in this parish bulletin.

God Bless You All
Deacon Tom

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