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2011 07-03 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal

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July 3, 2011

Many of us have heard that a new translation of the Roman Missal will go into effect November 27, the First Sunday of Advent.  There are some of us who are old enough to remember the transition after Vatican II, when the Missal was translated from the Latin to English so that the faithful could more fully participate in the Eucharistic celebration.   It may not have been welcomed wholeheartedly at the time, but it brought us more fully into participation in the Mass.

Today, we know the responses by heart, often not pausing to reflect on their real meaning.  The new translation will be more accurate — a truer rendering of the original Latin texts and the Scriptures.  While we will all learn the new responses and the Mass setting, it presents us with a wonderful opportunity to gain deeper insights and understanding into the sacrifice of the Mass.

Saint Brigid has begun its preparation to instruct the faithful and to implement the changes in  the new Roman Missal.  Our Adult Education and Parish School of Religion staff are hard at work to prepare adults, students, and catechists for the changes.  Our Adult Education Office is conducting A Biblical Walk through the Mass by Dr. Edward Sri.  Several sessions are being offered and details and registration information may be found on page 4 of this week’s parish bulletin.  The parish will also offer a two-evening workshop this fall to help guide us through these changes.  Please watch the bulletin or visit our parish website for  the announcement when it becomes available.

Our Music Department under the leadership of Director Meredith Kane reviewed a number of new Mass settings with the caveat from Monsignor David that the Mass parts be singable.   They have chosen the Mass of Renewal by Curtis Stephan.  You may listen to the Mass of Renewal by visiting the following website  Click on “listen” next to each part of the Mass, and it will play the entire song.

Embrace these changes — they will help us to appreciate more deeply the richness of our Catholic traditions.  Remember, too, that our clergy will also be learning the new texts.  Together we will realize an even closer community dedicated to building God’s Kingdom.

 Pax vobiscum.

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