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2011 07-10 Day School

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July 10, 2011

There have been many joys in these first four months with you. One joy is in having the little ones here every day, those youngest ones enrolled in our Day School. To offer these little ones a Christ-centered environment of love is such a blessing for our young families. I have asked Day School Director Diane Fletcher to remind us of what we have here, in our five-star Day School.  She welcomes your interest: 678-393-0060 x 138; What follows are her words: 

At Saint Brigid Day School, children have a unique way in which they express their imagination and learning.  We continue to create a thoughtfully developed Catholic environment with degreed educators that enhance your child’s experience creating the foundation and preparedness for their next steps in education.  Research has shown that our children are very prepared for kindergarten. The Day School is a ministry that truly values the pursuit of excellence in early childhood in such a spiritual environment that values Christian joy and learning. 

The entire Saint Brigid Day School is a team that collaborates together in pursuit of excellence in education for all children.  The day school is program that serves families, not children alone.   Relationships are formed within our community with respect and trust for one another.   I’ve heard many stories in which young families have met in preschool and continue to foster their faith together as their children grow.

Young children have many questions about the world around them.  They ask:  “Where did the puddle go?” “What do worms eat?” “How can I make my truck go faster?” “Do fish go to sleep?” “What do those letters say?”  In the classroom, there are many areas for children to learn guided by our expert teachers.  Children explore and investigate to answer questions.  They observe, experiment, measure, solve problems, take things apart, and explore materials and living things.  As a result they learn about our beautiful world God created in a meaningful way.  Children do what scientists, writers, artists and more do — ask questions, plan, and conduct investigations, gather information, construct an explanation, and communicate findings.  They also learn important concepts in our Catholic Faith, reading,  science, mathematics, and more as they the study, our faith, plants, animals, magnets, properties of materials, light, shadows, how things work, rainbows, our body, our senses, how things move.  Children problem solve together and learn how to communicate with others, verbally expressing themselves, listening, beginning to learn to read, and to write. 

Yes, they do all of this in preschool! Research shows that children with high quality stimulating preschools do better in school and have higher IQ’s by age 11.  

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