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2011 09-04 Farewell Father Diosmar Natad

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Septemeber 4, 2011

He came to the office on Friday morning, smiling with that normal ‘Father D” smile…but was a bit groggy.  He had landed Thursday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson, returning from his vacation. He had spent several weeks visiting family in the Philippines. So, he showed up at Saint Brigid…happy…but a bit groggy.  He was still on Asian-time.  Saint Brigid’s day is Asia’s night. That kind of jet-lag is a bear. 

He made his rounds that Friday morning, saying hello to all.  He came to Kath Owen’s office, and she told him that the head of Priest Personnel for the Archdiocese had left a message, asking Fr. D to give him a call as soon as he arrived.  So, Fr. D, still on Asia time returned the call. That was Friday morning. Hours later, late Friday afternoon, Fr. D strolled into my office and still a bit groggy looked at me and said “well, brother…” 

Fr. Diosmar Natad, a beloved priest of Saint Brigid, has been appointed the new Roman Catholic chaplain for the Catholic Center at Emory University.  He follows Fr. Bryan Small, a frequent visitor to Saint Brigid, who will become a pastor for the first time, at Sts. Peter and Paul, in Decatur.  Fr. D told me that the Archbishop had asked for his “yes”.   Fr. D gave it, in faith. 

Fr. D’s last Sunday at Saint Brigid will be the 11th of September.  He will preside at three Masses on the 11th, the 9 AM, the 10:45 AM and the 5 PM.  We will organize a reception for him.  So, watch for news of the reception for Fr. D on our web-site.  [Details may be found on the front cover of the bulletin. –ed.] 

Let us thank God for the love that Fr. D has given to us, the parish family of Saint Brigid.  He has served us well, while maintaining a difficult schedule as the Archbishop’s Master of Ceremonies.  He has served us with gentleness and a sweetness born from a soul in love with God.  Fr. D has been a blessing to this parish.  Please make sure that you speak with him, and assure him of your support and your prayers, as he begins a new chapter in his priestly ministry.  Please make sure to let him know how much he is loved by his Saint Brigid family. 

At the rectory, Fr. Exumé,  Roberto, and I will miss his laughter. 


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