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2012 02-26 Parish Survey

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February 26, 2012

Our survey is ready for you. 

As I explained in a column of mine some weeks ago and in a letter sent to all registered families of Saint Brigid in early January, I need to hear from each of you in regard to our parish family as it is now and as we are meant to be for the future. I need to know what you think about our parish community, your reasoned opinion about how faithful and dynamic we are as a Roman Catholic parish…in worship, in study, in fellowship, and in service. 

From that first week in my new assignment as Saint Brigid’s third Pastor in late February of last year, I heard over and over again from those of you most involved with the life of the parish…that we need more meeting space, we need more space for fellowship and catechesis and outreach; and after being with you for one year, I know this to be the truth. But in order for the parish to meet these pressing needs, I need to know what you think about all of this. 

I am asking that each registered adult of the parish take part in a survey now available on-line. If you will assist me in taking part in this “gathering of information”, I will have a better sense of how we are to move forward in faith. The survey will take you about 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed either on the parish’s web-site OR by going directly to the following site: Please know that though the survey asks for your name (eliminating false reporting), the staff will not have access to this information once we begin to study the results. We are looking for an honest appraisal of our parish. 

For those of you that do not use the Internet, have no fear! I want your participation as well. Please contact the Parish Office and set up a time that you can come in to take part in the survey with the assistance by one of our staff.  

The deacons and the lay leadership that assist me in pastoring this 4,000 family parish offer me great insight into how we might grow in holiness and joy. But I need each of you to let me know what you think about our beloved Saint Brigid. The survey is up and running. Please get on-line as soon as possible, and help me understand what the Lord is calling us to do, as we strive to follow the Way of the Lord. 

A change at the 5 PM Life Teen Mass 

This Sunday, the 26th, Kathy Krause will lead the 4HG band for the last time. We have loved Kathy’s soulful voice at the 5 PM liturgy and I know that the For His Glory band has enjoyed their collaboration with her. They have made a joyful noise unto the Lord!  

Kathy is not leaving us, thank God. She is bringing her considerable talents and her faithfulness to bear and is beginning to put together a schola cantorem for Saint Brigid, a group of singers that will learn how to offer Gregorian chant for our liturgies. 

Next Sunday, the 4th of March, please welcome Richard Parsons as the new leader of 4HG. Richard is an extraordinary talent and is excited about becoming a part of our Life teen ministry for the teens. Please welcome Richard as the newest staff member of Saint Brigid. 

We have begun the holy season of Lent 

The holy season of Lent is a time of final preparation for those seeking the Sacraments of Initiation at the great Vigil of Easter; Lent is also a time of renewal for us who are living the baptismal vocation of holiness imperfectly: to fast, to intensify our prayer, to give alms to the poorest of the poor and to serve as Jesus served. Holy Lent is our time…to begin again….in following the Way of the Lord. 


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