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2012 04-22 New Pastoral Council

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April 22, 2012

The new Pastoral Council of Saint Brigid 

In July of this year, the new Pastoral Council of Saint Brigid will meet together for the first time. Who makes up this twelve-person council? It all depends on you! 

I am accepting applications for membership on this new Pastoral Council. The deadline for turning in the application is at the end of this month. Please consider filling out an application for membership. After the deadline is reached, the received applications will be given to the members of the current Parish Council, and these parishioners will call or contact the new applicants to describe what the new Pastoral Council is all about.

Essentially, the new Pastoral Council will have two vital roles in the leadership of the parish: (1) the members will offer me advice and counsel about the issues that face our parish; and (2) the members will work with a set group of ministry leaders, serving as a liaison, hoping to be an advocate of the ministries under his or her guardianship. 

With any adult registered member available to serve on the twelve person Council, how will the selection process take place? The names of the applicants will be placed together and the current Parish Council members and I will ask the Lord to give us the members He desires. Then, just as in the Acts of the Apostles, we will trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and choose in random fashion ten names (the other two members are from the Finance Council and the staff). 

The deadline is set for the 30th. The application is in this bulletin. Please consider filling out an application and sending it my way. 

The results of the survey are ready for our study 

On the 26th of this month, the last of the two town hall meetings will be held in Corbett Hall, at 7:30 PM. The first meeting was held last week. Please make every effort to attend and hear what the survey results say about our parish. 

For those that took part in the survey, you will remember that there were two open ended questions for you to fill out, offering your own opinions of what you like best at Saint Brigid…and…what you like least at Saint Brigid. I read every one of these anonymous comments…those that praised the parish and those that voiced concerns and disappointments in some aspect of the parish. 

Please know that I am grateful to each of you, that took the time to express your opinions, whether praises or concerns. This is what a family of disciples does…the members hope to speak the truth to each other. Please know that for the next few months, I will use a part of my weekly bulletin column to go over as many of these written concerns as I am able, anddiscuss ways that we can improve the fellowship and the ministry and the prayer of Saint Brigid. 


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