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2012 04-29 Parking & Traffic

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April 29, 2012

Concerns raised in our parish survey 

The number one “complaint – concern” seen in the personal comments given with the survey centered on our frustration with parking & traffic & illegal parking at the parish. It is frustrating; but in a way, it’s a good problem to have. By God’s grace, thousands of men and women and girls and boys spend a part of the Lord’s Day here, in worship, in Christian formation, in fellowship. But how do we deal with the issues behind the frustrations? 

Parking: As we move forward in discussing the proposed building project (constructing a new Pastoral Center for our parish), a key issue will be improving our parking. I promise you that this is “front and center” in our planning for the future at Saint Brigid. We will havemore available parking. 

Traffic and traffic flow: The new left turn light and double left-turn lanes onto Old Alabama Road should help a bit with departing Sunday traffic; and the soon-to-be constructed access road on the recently acquired Brumbelow Road property (between the rectory and the bank) should also provide some relief. Traffic patterns and traffic flow are also “front and center” issues in our initial planning meetings for the proposed Pastoral Center construction project.  

Illegal parking: Each Sunday, a few of our parishioners park illegally on the fire lanes and the exit road onto Old Alabama Road. From what I have been told, this has been an ongoing issue at Saint Brigid. I will work to print up notices to be placed on the windshields of these illegally parked cars. Hopefully, parishioners will do the right thing and not endanger others in parking illegally (hindering emergency access). The only other remedy might be towing these cars away. I hope and pray that a gentle reminder…to do the right thing…will be sufficient to deal with this ongoing problem. 

The new Pastoral Council of Saint Brigid 

In July of this year, the new Pastoral Council of Saint Brigid will meet together for the first time. Who makes up this twelve-person council? It all depends on you! 

I am accepting applications for membership on this new Pastoral Council. The deadline for turning in an application is Monday the 30th. Please consider filling out an application for membership. After the Monday deadline, the received applications will be given to the members of the current Parish Council, and these parishioners will call or contact the new applicants, to describe what the new Pastoral Council is all about. 

Essentially, the new Pastoral Council will have two vital roles in the leadership of the parish: (1) the members will offer me advice and counsel about the issues that face our parish; and (2) the members will work with a set group of ministry leaders, serving as a liaison, hoping to be an advocate of the ministries under his or her guardianship. 

With any adult registered member available to serve on the twelve person Council, how will the selection process take place? The names of the applicants will be placed together and the current Parish Council members and I will ask the Lord to give us the members He desires. Then, just as in the Acts of the Apostles, we will trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and choose in random fashion ten names (the other two members are from the Finance Council and the staff). 

The deadline is set for the 30th. The application is in this bulletin. Please consider filling out an application and sending it my way. 


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