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2012 08-21 Joel Gray

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August 21, 2012                             

Joel Gray

I have known Joel and Lisa Gray for twenty three years. We first met when the three of us called St. Jude in Sandy Springs our parish home. When I arrived at Saint Brigid to begin my new life with you, I was very happy to know that Joel was on our staff; and I benefited from Lisa’s expertise, as she helped me get all I needed for my suite of rooms, in our rectory.

A couple of weeks ago, on the 10th of August, Joel retired from his staff position. After ten years of service, Joel decided that he would like to spend lots more time with his wife Lisa; and rumor has it that he hopes to become more familiar with the many tennis courts and golf courses of Johns Creek and the surrounding environs!

Joel began with us in April of 2002. He has worked alongside the three pastors of Saint Brigid: the founding pastor, Msgr. Joe Corbett; the beloved Msgr. Paul Reynolds and the current occupant of the post. Joel has worked alongside the staff personnel that have served during these last ten years, and he has worked with many of you! Joel spent most every working day speaking to someone in one of our many ministries, hoping to assist the ministries in their service to all. Joel worked alongside others on staff during the yearly pledge drive for the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. He worked on our building projects, serving as a key leader in the capital campaigns for those projects…capital campaigns that allowed those building projects to succeed! He also served as the over-all coordinator of both the Ministry Fair and the Parish Picnic.

Joel has retired from his work on our staff, but he and Lisa have not “retired” from our parish! Joel and Lisa will continue to be a part of us, and will find a “new normal” in the way they give of themselves as active parishioners. I would ask that everyone that knows Joel and Lisa…to share with them our gratitude for the years of service that Joel has given to Saint Brigid

On behalf of the clergy and the staff of Saint Brigid…and in my own name…I say to this friend of twenty three years…thank you!




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