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2012 09-02 Update on Proposed Building Project

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September 2nd, 2012

Update on our proposed building project 

As most of you will remember, I sent a letter to every registered parishioner in January of this year, summarizing what I discovered when I was appointed pastor of Saint Brigid (February 24, 2011). I found that the second pastor of Saint Brigid, the beloved Msgr. Paul Reynolds, had initiated a study by the parish’s Finance Council, to ascertain the need for additional ministry space at our parish. Msgr. Reynolds knew this need to be critical for the life of the parish. The workers that completed this Field of Dreams study contacted most of the ministries of our parish and found an overwhelming support for expanding our facilities, to allow ministry / meeting space for ongoing adult formation and the work of pastoral ministry…the living out of the life of faith, as disciples of the Lord Jesus and as evangelists in the Church of Christ.

As all know, because of his weakened conditioned during his long bout with cancer, Msgr. Reynolds could not act on the results of the Field of Dreams report. So, in order to confirm what this study outlined, I contracted to have a professional survey of the opinions of every registered adult in the parish; and many of our teens were consulted through the Youth ministries of the parish. The results of this February-March 2012 survey indicated that the overwhelming majority of active Catholics at Saint Brigid support the proposed expansion of our facilities…for the pastoral and spiritual life of the parish family.

As soon as I learned about the strong and positive support seen in the results of the survey, I organized a small team of parish leaders (our clergy and a small group of lay-leaders), and we have been meeting weekly, beginning the preliminary work for this proposed construction project.

 Here is an update on what has happened thus far: 

1) The property next to the Rectory has been purchased. Work at that site has begun, as we work to create an access road from Brumbelow Road to the parking lot shared by the parish and Holy Redeemer.

2) A Master Plan for the entire property has been completed. This Master Plan was created through the cooperative work of our architects (CDH, Inc., the same firm that designed the beautiful church we call our spiritual home), our clergy, our staff, the leadership of Holy Redeemer, Catholic Construction Services (an Archdiocesan support team for parishes undergoing construction), heads of various ministries and a team of parishioners with expertise in planning and construction. Our Master Plan will be presented in the near future, so that all may see what is envisioned by the leadership of our parish family.

3) A contract has been made with the owners of the property on Old Alabama Road that lies between our parish and the Bank of America. We will file our Master Plan with the City of Johns Creek in October, and hope to be awarded the re-zoning of this property, for Church use. A re-zoning is necessary for the parish to finalize the contract.

4) We hope and expect that this Special Use Permit will be agreed to by the city. Our plans will actually help the city, since we hope to add another access into our parish from Old Alabama Road and thus relieve some of the traffic issues we all experience. Through the staff’s stewardship of the monies that many of you have offered the parish over the years, we will be able to purchase the property with our savings.  Once this property is purchased…the door will be open for us…to begin a Capital Campaign…and begin the work of expanding our facilities…for the love of God and neighbor.

5) This needed expansion of our facilities is not because we expect extraordinary growth. Instead, we are answering the call for renewal and for the new Evangelization that both Pope John Paul the Great and Pope Benedict have written about. This call to an ongoing adult formation and commitment to the Gospel…this is our hope…that we will have all we need in ministry and formation…to set the world on fire with the love of the Lord.

6) A Steering Committee has been formed. Members of both the Finance and Pastoral Councils are part of this leadership committee. The members of this Steering Committee will assist in all that will follow. 

This then, is a thumb-nail update on all the work that has taken place “behind the scenes”.  Soon, all of you will begin hearing about this exciting work of God and being invited to participate. It will be lots of work but it will provide us with lots of joy! 

The Lord said to Simon Peter…Upon this rockI will build my Church (Matthew 16.18). We are being called to build, with the blessing of faith. With the strength that comes from faith…we do all we do, for the greater glory of God…and for our joy!



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