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2013 12-01 Our New Director of Music – Jonathan Eason

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From our pastor, Father Neil Herlihy:

As many of you may know, our Director of Music for the last several years, Meredith Kane, has stepped down to spend more time with her young children during their formative years.  In the spirit of this week of Thanksgiving, we thank Meredith for her many years of service.  She remains an active parishioner and is available for advice and consultation. 

With Meredith’s help and concurrence, and in consultation with our search committee, we recently have hired a new Director of Music, Jonathan Eason.  He comes to us from Columbia, South Carolina and has a diverse background in Church music.  Jonathan has experience in choral direction in numerous styles from medieval to modern.  In prior assignments, he has led a contemporary ensemble and has collaborated on larger projects such as special concerts and Holy Week services.  He has served as a teacher and singer of Gregorian Chant.  Jonathan has outstanding vocal skills and has taught vocal technique in both choral and solo contexts.  He has a thorough knowledge of and commitment to liturgical music, and is also an accomplished pianist.

Our Church reminds us that music is a necessary and integral part of the sacred liturgy.  The responses and acclamation of the congregation within the Order of Mass should reflect the active participation of the faithful.  It is our hope that Jonathan will help us enhance that participation.  Those who know him have indicated that he has knowledge of Church history and liturgy that enables him to understand the music that is appropriate for the particular Church season as well as for the weekly lectionary readings, and that he also has the ability to lead others.  We pray that he will be a valuable addition to our Church staff.  We ask you to welcome Jonathan to our parish community.      


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