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2018 07-15 WELCOME. – Refocus and Reenergize Your Spiritual Life

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Guest Column from Deacon Tom Huff
My dear fellow St. Brigid Parishioners,

I am so in love with Christ and thankful for the many gifts and blessings that He has bestowed on our parish.  We are blessed with dedicated priests that give of themselves unselfishly each and every day.  Our Pastor, Fr. Neil, is committed to the salvation of our souls and to our spiritual growth.

For some of us, our spiritual journeys can become routine and lack luster.  At times, we need to recharge our spiritual batteries and refocus our lives on Christ.  At times we lose focus and we lose sight of Jesus.  We focus on work, on children, on leisure activities at His expense.  Jesus wants all of us.  He wants our full attention each and every day.  In August, Jesus is offering us an opportunity to refocus and reenergize our spiritual lives.  He is extending His invitation to each of you to come and join him in August on a Saint Brigid Welcome / Christ Renews His Parish Weekend.

The Welcome/Christ Renews His Parish weekend is rich in spiritual blessings, powerful in spiritual inspiration, and spiritually life changing.  As Christ extends this invitation to you, I am reminded of two songs.  The first is “Come to the Water”. Some of the lyrics in this song are so appropriate for the Welcome Weekend invitation.  Here are some of them: “Let all who toil, let them come to the water. Let those who are weary, let them come to the Lord.  All who labor without rest, how can your soul find rest, except for the Lord”.  The second song is “All Are Welcome” in which we hear these lyrics: “Let us build a house where love can dwell where all can safely live”.

The Welcome weekend offers grace upon grace as Christ shares himself through the powerful testimonies of fellow parishioners.  The weekend is for all parishioners, even those who may feel there is nothing new that they can learn about their faith or their relationship with Christ.  Those that come on the weekend are personally called by Christ to be with Him.  You may be the Parishioner that He is calling.

The Welcome/Christ Renews His Parish weekend begins on a Saturday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon.  The Men’s weekend is August 5 and 6, and the Women’s weekend is August 11 and 12.  ALL ARE WELCOME!!  For more information, visit our parish website, or take one of the Welcome brochures from the pews in church or from the racks around the parish.  Complete the welcome brochure and turn it in to the parish office at your earliest convenience.  Prayerfully consider joining Christ on our August Welcome Weekends.  He invites you to be with Him and spend some special time with Him.

In Christ,   Deacon Tom Huff


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