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2019 05-12 Happy Mother’s Day

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we remember our moms in a special way.  During an address in Rome, Pope Francis professed his great admiration for the vocation of motherhood.  He stated that a mother is concerned “above all about the health of her children” and thus she cares for them “with great love and affection”.  Our Holy Father also stated that a mother takes great care to see that her children grow “capable of accepting responsibilities, of engaging in life, of striving for great ideals.”  She helps her children “make important decisions in freedom.”  Pope Francis also indicated that moms assist their children in making commitments that lead to a fruitful life.

The publication, “Learn Religions”, provided the following “Prayer for Mother’s on Mother’s Day” by Mary Fairchild.  The prayer reflects our great appreciation for all that mothers do for us, for all that mothers mean to us:

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for godly mothers who give and serve selflessly day after day.
Please bless them for the important role they play in the lives of their children.

Just as mothers daily extend grace and encouragement, Lord, return that grace and encouragement back to them multiplied.
Help them to give wise counsel, discipline, instruction, and to raise their children to know and love God.

Thank you for the example mothers are to their children and to others.
Bless them, their children, and their families abundantly, and meet their every need.

Please give these women of God health and strength to care for their loved ones.
Fill their hearts with joy as they go about the mundane, day-to-day tasks. Carry their burdens, Lord. When they are weary, lift their spirits and restore their souls. Help them trust in you and lean on you alone for strength.

Let godly mothers recognize how important their lives are to their children and families. May they understand the vital role God has given them in their home and in the Kingdom of God. May they know how much they matter.
In the name of Jesus.    Amen.

As we reflect on this prayer, we are invited to give thanks to our mothers for the many sacrifices they make on behalf of their families.  On behalf of the clergy, staff, and parishioners of Saint Brigid, I wish all mothers a happy, healthy, and holy Mother’s Day. I hope they enjoy their special day.


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