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2020 5-24   We Are to Truly Appreciate our Precious Faith and Freedom on this Memorial Day Holiday

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy

This Monday, as a nation, we celebrate Memorial Day.  This federal holiday is celebrated each year in the United States on the last Monday in May.  On this day, we remember in a special way those men and women in the armed forces who have made the supreme sacrifice in defense of our nation.  We pray for the repose of their souls, and for all those who mourn their passing from this world.  They sacrificed their lives and their freedom and helped make it possible for us to enjoy our lives and our freedom.  They were prematurely separated from family members and friends, and a grateful nation pays them homage and respect.

The following prayer written by Hector Molina, @CatholicEvangelist implores our Heavenly Father for guidance on this special day:

Dear Heavenly Father, 

With a sober heart we come before you this Memorial Day.  We pause for a moment and call to mind all the men and women who have died in the service of our nation since 1776.

Dear God, please look with mercy on our brave and selfless brothers and sisters, who did not shirk from their task but gave themselves completely to the cause of defending and protecting us all.  Bless all who have given their lives for the sake of liberty, and grant them eternal rest with You.

We remember also our brave men and women now serving in our armed forces, both at home and abroad.  Dear God, send out Your angels to protect them all.  Help them discharge their duties honorably and well.  Please bring them safely home to their families and loved ones.  Please bring your peace and mercy to our troubled world.

We ask this, Father, in the name of Jesus, your Son.  Amen

As we reflect on this prayer, we are reminded to focus on our Heavenly Father for guidance, and to truly appreciate our precious faith and freedom which we should never take for granted.  This is especially important in these difficult and uncertain times when we have witnessed a dramatic change in the fabric of our society in a very short time due to the devastating impact of the Covid-19 virus.  This change has caused us to view our faith and our freedom in a different light and made us more acutely aware of the reality that there are events and circumstances that are beyond our control.

In addition, on this day, our bishops invite us to make time for prayer.  We can join our brothers and sisters who pray for the repose of the souls of these men and women who have gone before us, and for the consolation of their family members and friends.


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