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2021 06-06   We Are Blessed in High Regard for the Eucharist

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy

This Sunday we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi, The Holy Body, and the Blood of Christ.  On this great day, we focus on our devotion to the Eucharist.  The feast celebrates the Holy Eucharist and is marked by special displays of devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, including Eucharistic processions.  About this time, the Archdiocese of Atlanta usually sponsors a Eucharistic Congress.  But due primarily to the sustained impact of the COVID-19 virus, the Eucharistic Congress will not take place this year.

We as Catholics, on this feast of Corpus Christi, are reminded that we are blessed to have such high regard for the Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith.  We are invited to bond with each other by nourishing together on the Bread of Life in the Eucharist, and then by going forth in loving service of our brothers and sisters, especially our brothers and sisters in need.

As we celebrate this great feast, we also note that transition and change are part of the life of a priest.  As you may know, we have recently been informed that Fr. Michael Bremer will be leaving us on or about June 30 to become the Chaplain for St. Pius High School.  Fr. Michael has served us faithfully and well, especially in the area of youth ministry, and will be a good spiritual mentor and counselor for the students at St. Pius.  We hope to have Fr. Michael continue to assist us, at times, with Masses,     Confessions, and our youth retreats if his schedule at St. Pius permits.

Fr. Michael intends to speak at all Masses during the weekend of June 27 to say his “goodbyes” and we will have a farewell gathering for him after the 11:00 am Sunday Mass.

As we may remember, the word Eucharist means “giving thanks”.  May we truly give thanks for our faith, for Fr. Michael, and for the spiritual home, we call Saint Brigid.


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