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2022 05-15   Mary, Queen of Peace and Queen of the Rosary

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy

May is the month of Mary, and this month we honor her in a special way.  We call her Queen of Peace and Queen of the Rosary and bestow on her many other titles.  Mary is worthy of these titles because she said “Yes” to God in so many ways in the midst of the joys and sorrows of everyday life.  Just this past Friday, we honored Mary as Our Lady of Fatima.

The following “Prayer for Our Lady of Fatima” provided by the media outlet “Catholic Online” calls on Mary to inspire us as we grow in our appreciation of the Rosary:

O most Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary,
You were pleased to appear to the children of Fatima and reveal a glorious message.
We implore you, to inspire in our homes a fervent love for the recitation of the rosary.
By meditating on the mysteries of the redemption that are recalled therein,
may we obtain the graces and virtues that we ask,
through the merits of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer.

As we reflect on this prayer, we are reminded that, as previously mentioned, Pope Francis also invited us to look to Mary for inspiration.  Addressing the role of Mary, he stated that Mary “…helps us grow as human beings and in the faith, to be strong and never to fall into the temptation of being human beings and Christians in a superficial way, but to live responsibly, to strive even higher.”  He also encouraged the people by reminding them that Mary “…is close to us, so that we may never lose courage before the adversities of life”, and “…might feel her support in facing and overcoming the difficulties of our human and Christian journey.”

The Church presents Mary as a model of love in its fullness.  The love she had for Jesus and Joseph is not reserved for them alone.  It is the same precious love that she has for us, the same precious love she shares with us, an unselfish love that we should not take for granted.  Mary is not only the Mother of Jesus but also the Mother of our Church.  The Second Vatican Council teaches that “…By her motherly love, she cares for her Son’s sisters and brothers who still journey the earth surrounded by dangers and difficulties until they are led into their blessed home.”

As we especially honor the Blessed Virgin Mary this month, we are challenged to follow Mary’s model of living and her model of loving as we continue on our journey of faith during this glorious season of Easter,

Mary our Queen, intercede for us.  Mary, our Mother, pray for us.


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