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2021 04-25   Frequently Asked Questions of Catholics

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy

As Catholics, we are encouraged to grow in our knowledge and understanding of our faith.  The publication, Our Sunday Visitor, has prepared a list of the following ten questions which are frequently asked of Catholics:

Are you saved?
If you died tonight, would you go to heaven?
Why do you worship wafers?
Why do you worship Mary?
Why do you confess your sins to a priest?
Why do you pray to idols (statues)?
Why do you pray for the dead?
Why do you call your priest “Father”?
Why do you obey the Pope?
Are your beliefs found in the Bible?

As Catholics, we may have been asked these or similar questions in the past.  People would not usually ask us these questions unless they noticed a spiritual orientation in our lives.  If we set a good example for others, if we show love of God and love of neighbor by our actions, people may then become more interested in the faith we profess.  We should try our best to explain and defend our faith.

Deacon Henry Hein and Deacon Leo Gahafer will coordinate two sessions on “Catholic Apologetics” where they will discuss these and similar questions which may arise.  They will also discuss access to appropriate resource materials which can assist us in researching these and similar questions.  We expect one session to take place in Corbett Hall, with limited attendance and appropriate social distancing. We also anticipate having a second online session, virtually through “Zoom”.  Details concerning these sessions will be forthcoming.

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