Message of the Week

Peace I Leave With You, My Peace I Give To You

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Jesus returned after the resurrection to strengthen and teach the disciples.

As He was about to leave again He reminded them that His words were also the Father’s.

His ministry was truly a divine ministry.

He also promised that He would send the Holy Spirit to help them understand and persevere.

In our liturgical year, we too are once again awaiting the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

What do you need to help develop your understanding and spiritual life?




Love One Another

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jesus gives us this commandment as a benchmark of the Christian life.

It is the exact reflection of all that Jesus did during His time with us on Earth.

It is a simple commandment to remember but sometimes a hard one to live.

This commandment also fulfills much of the essence of the commandments given to Moses.

We now have another mirror to examine our lives.  Will we take a new look?



The Father and I Are One

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Jesus affirms his unity with the Father.

His promise of eternal life is grounded in His absolute authority over the universe.

Others will try to snatch His followers away but they will be protected.

Jesus gives assurances to His followers particularly when they are exposed to adversity.

We have the promise.  Will we respond accordingly as His followers?




Feed My Sheep

The Third Sunday of Easter

Jesus appeared to the disciples after His resurrection.

He performed miracles and ate with them to prove that it was really Him.

The disciples were pulled from the routine of their daily lives to address the mission for which they were chosen –

to spread the faith and belief in Jesus.

We are called to a similar mission – to reach beyond our routine to announce the good news, even in small ways.

Are you prepared to participate in this mission?

If not, how will you prepare?




He is RISEN!


There is no information ever recorded that is more important than this fact.

Had Jesus not risen all else would be for naught!

Each of us must make this fact the center of our lives.

James and John saw what happened and they believed.

We must also engage ourselves with the witness of Peter and John.

Easter is a time to rejoice over the fact that saved us.  It is a time to respond in extreme awe and gratitude.

How has the resurrection influenced your life?


Make Disciples of All Nations

The Most Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is one of the greatest mysteries of our faith. It is also a powerful revelation of the essence of Almighty God.

As Catholics, we do all things “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. “

We have heard and seen the overarching creative thrust and intervention of God in all of physical and human existence.

We are sent forward with the power and authorization of this trinitarian God.  Do we realize the magnitude of our task?



This Is My Commandment: Love One Another

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Jesus calls us His friends.

He wants us to be slaves to nothing so that we are truly to love.

His love for us is absolute even to the point of dying for us.

We are His chosen representatives to be His presence in this world.

He asks us to continue to spread His message.

Are you ready to give up much in order to do this?





I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches.

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Notice how everything Jesus says is devoted to us.

We are the branches, intimately connected to Him.

He encourages us to “stick with Him” in all things, even if it may be difficult at times as we are pruned.

We can ask for what we need to remain close to Him and He will provide it for us.

What do we need to remain close to Jesus?




I Am The Good Shepherd

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
He did lay down His life for us.
Jesus knows each of us and he calls to us.
When we follow Him, we are part of the flock with one Shepherd.
The Father’s love and Jesus’ love come to us in Jesus’ voice.
Can you hear Him?

Peace Be With You

The Third Sunday of Easter

Jesus appeared to the disciples to strengthen their belief in His resurrection.
Jesus had to “connect the dots” for the disciples who were still trying to sort out what had just happened.
The disciples were present at the crucifixion. Now they saw Him again in person.
It was hard to understand what this meant and what God was doing.
Jesus told them that what was in the scriptures was true. He died to save us.
We were not there. But we now know the story. Are the dots connected for us?


Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen and Have Believed

The Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday

The story of the resurrection was so fantastic that it can be hard to believe it.

Thomas, the Apostle, could not believe at first.

He believed when he saw Jesus again.

We, too, have received the Holy Spirit at our Baptism and Confirmation.

We have received Jesus in the Eucharist.

“My Lord and My God” come to me once again!



He Is Risen

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection are the single most important events in all of history – past and future.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection are the most important events affecting your life. Without His Resurrection, you would have no future.

With His Resurrection, you have eternal life before you.

In celebrating the Sunday Eucharist, we worship, praise, and thank God for His saving acts.

We also bring our lives to offer in thanksgiving.

In gratitude, we do this every Sunday, the Lord’s Day and invite all to join us.



God So Loved the World That He Gave His Only Son

The Most Holy Trinity

The Trinity;  the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the epitome of love.

We were created because of that love and for that love.

We are destined to remain in that love for eternity.

God is with us always, in spite of what we do that is not right.  God’s love is unconditional.

We are called to believe so that we may respond and not reject our destiny.

Can we open our hearts to God’s urgings?


If You Love Me You Will Keep My Commandments

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Jesus gives us a commandment and a promise.

Stay with Me and live in accord with what I have taught you.

I will send you help, the Advocate.

You will see Me through Him.  You will experience Me through Him.

When you see Me, you will have life and realize the love of God in your life.

The Spirit comes to us again on Pentecost, only a few weeks away.  Are you ready?

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jesus said “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”

Jesus is the way we see God.

He encourages us to stop looking elsewhere for what we need, or need to know.

He passes on to us the power of His spirit.

Are we ready to follow His words and do the works that He has shown us how to do?

I Came So That They Might Have Life and Have It Abundantly

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Jesus offers us life and not a scattered existence.

He is willing to lead us if we are willing to follow.

There are so many ideas and individuals who would lead us astray.

Jesus tells us to keep our eyes and ears on Him and He will take us through the right gate.

We know who He is.

Why would we follow someone or something else?


He Was Made Known to Them in the Breaking of the Bread

The Third Sunday of Easter

Jesus’ disciples knew much of what happened to Him.  They knew the history.

Their hearts burned while He opened the scriptures for them.

This was not just history but faith.

It all came together for them….  His life, His death, His resurrection.  History, faith, and experience gave them meaning.

We, too, can find him again and again in the breaking of the bread.

History, faith, and experience can cause our hearts to burn, too.


He is Risen!

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

The promises of Jesus have been fulfilled.

Jesus is the Resurrection and the life.

We can trust in His saving power.

His life was about healing body, mind, and soul.

He is with us now.  Believe!

The Spirit of the Truth Will Guide You to All Truth

The Most Holy Trinity
  • The Trinity is GOD.
  • The Father, The Spirit and Jesus are ONE.
  • Jesus connects us to Almighty God in a very special way.
  • God is with us in everything we do. God, through the Spirit, guides us to do his will.
  • His will is always that we love one another.

Peace I Leave With You, My Peace I Give To You

The Sixth Sunday of Easter
    • As Jesus is about to end his last meal with his disciples, He tells them of the Holy Spirit’s coming.
    • That Spirit will make Jesus ever present to them, will advocate for them.
    • The result will be an abiding peace that only Jesus can give.
    • Trust in Jesus and His words are necessary for this sense of peace.
    • Can you let go of the world’s pressures, promises, and temptations?
    • Can you trust in Jesus instead?

Love One Another

The Fifth Sunday of Easter
  • Jesus gives His final charge to His disciples:
  • Love one another.
  • Jesus is about to make the ultimate sacrifice that will fulfill His father’s will.
  • He makes it out of love for His Father and love for us.
  • The love of the Father also is imparted to us in this sacrificial act, and we are to impart it to one another.
  • How will you do this?


The Fourth Sunday of Easter
  • Jesus comes to us again in this time of reflection after Easter.
  • Today He once again reminds us of His never-ending love and care for us.
  • He is the Good Shepherd and He knows that His sheep hear His call and His guidance.
  • Jesus reminds us of the power given to Him and His use of that power to care for us throughout all of eternity.
  • What do we hear when we hear Jesus’ words?
  • How does He make His love – and the love of His Father – known to you in your life?
  • What do these words encourage you to think and do?


We Are Called

The Third Sunday of Easter
  • The Lord Jesus is with us and calls us to work with Him in bringing others to him.
  • We are the Church with the mission to call others to His truth.
  • Jesus will show us how to fish or how to live our lives to achieve His purpose.
  • It is easy for Jesus to become a stranger to us in the busyness of our lives… even in this short time after Easter.
  • The disciples recognized Jesus, then joined Him for a meal of fish and bread as nourishment. The Eucharist is the meal Jesus provides to strengthen us.
  • What will help you to recognize Jesus in your life?
  • What will help you know how to answer His call?


Blessed Are Those
Who Have Not Seen and Have Believed

Divine Mercy Sunday
  • Jesus appears to the apostles to assure them that He has indeed risen from the dead.
  • He knows of their angst and sadness about His death.
  • He wants them to know about the peace and strength He brings with His Resurrection.
  • He wants them to know that He is truly the Son of God.
  • But Thomas, who had not been present when Jesus first appeared, would not believe.
  • Jesus returned when Thomas was present and presented his wounds for Thomas’ inspection.
  • Who then finally believed?
  • How much like Thomas are we, always needing proof – a sign?
  • Trust and faith are what will bring us comfort and peace.
  • Divine Mercy comes to those who trust and accept what Jesus says on faith.
  • Can we get beyond our need for proof and receive all the grace Jesus has to offer us?



Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
  • Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is the greatest event in history.
  • The resurrection is also the most important KEY to the future for each of us.
  • Had Jesus not died for us and had He not risen we would have no future.
  • Alleluia (PRAISE GOD) is the only word we can sing at this time.
  • We have been freed, blessed, and granted eternal life.
  • Easter is the time to celebrate the great gift we have been given.
  • Can we use this KEY to the future as a way to live as Jesus has taught us?

Come Holy Spirit

Pentecost Sunday, Easter
  • The Holy Spirit burst in upon the Apostles on Pentecost.
  • The Holy Spirit changed those Apostles forever.
  • If you are open to Him, the Holy Spirit will burst into your life too!
  • Speak to Him about your life, your doubts, your hopes and He will help you resolve your concerns and wishes.
  • Jesus promised us that He would never leave us alone.  He promised to send us the Holy Spirit which is also His Spirit.
  • We have before us the power of Almighty God, in the Spirit.  Anything is possible.
  • We must never be afraid.  We must move forward in faith and in life.
  • Reach out to your God and He will lead you into the future He has planned for you.
  • You are loved and blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

Go Into the Whole World and Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature

The Ascension of the Lord, Easter
  • The lifting up of Jesus on the cross signifies and announces His lifting up by his Ascension into heaven.
  • In our Christian life, entering the glory of God demands daily fidelity to His will, even when it demands sacrifice and sometimes requires us to change our plans.
  • We have One who always defends us from the snares of the devil, who defends us from ourselves and from our sins!
  • The Apostles returned to Jerusalem “with great joy.” But how could this be?  With the gaze of faith they understand.
  • Jesus stays with us forever, He does not abandon us and in the glory of the Father supports, guides and intercedes for us.

I Love You and I Choose You

Sixth Sunday of Easter
– We are offered a relationship with Jesus Christ.
– He asks us to love one another as He loves us.
– We are called to keep His commandments and to love, even to the point of giving up our lives.
– Stay attached to the vine and you will bear much fruit. The Father will give you whatever you need to succeed.
– Are you willing to go this far?
– What else do you want?

I Am the Vine… You are the Branches

Fifth Sunday of Easter
  • It is a reminder that all things are possible if you remain with Him in thought and deed.
  • Whatever you want will be done for you.
  • You are to be His disciples and bear much fruit.
  • If you but yourself off from the vine you can do nothing.
  • Can you organize your life around this message?
  • Imagine what God has in store for you and your faithfulness!

I Am the Good Shepherd, I Have Laid Down My Life For the Sheep

Fourth Sunday of Easter
  • That is what this is all about. Jesus laid down His life for us.
  • “This is why the Father loves me…”
  • Because I laid down my life and conquered death as He commanded.
  • You who hear my voice will follow me and live as I lived and do as I did in your world.
  • Do you realize that you have become a shepherd too?
  • Do you realize that your flock is all around you and so are the wolves? What are you to do?