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2020 09-27   Priesthood Sunday

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy

This Sunday in the United States we celebrate Priesthood Sunday.  It is a special day set aside to honor the priesthood and is celebrated this year on the last Sunday in September.  The day is coordinated by the USA Council of Serra International.  It is a day to reflect upon and affirm the role of the priesthood in the life of the Church as we strive to raise vocation awareness in a special way.

Reflecting on the call to the priesthood, Pope Francis stated, “Jesus is the one who calls, …….        …… not the priest, nor the bishop or the Pope.  It is Jesus who gazes at him with love, who shows him the people, who shows him the needs of the people of God and says ‘if you wish, come help.’”  However, the Pope, bishops, and priests and laity, through their prayers, counsel and example, can be of great assistance in helping one discern the call.

The following “Prayer for Priests” by Pope Benedict XVI, asks Our Lord to guide His priests as they minister to the people of God.  As we reflect on this prayer, and as we celebrate this day, I am reminded that it is a great privilege and responsibility to be a priest, and I thank God each day for the gift of my vocation.  As priests, we are challenged to go forth with a renewed appreciation for Jesus and His ministry.  We are called to be truly willing to serve Our Lord, the Church and its people.


On behalf of Fr. Michael, Fr. Bill, Fr. Cristian and all the priests who assist us in some way at Saint Brigid, I thank you for your continued prayers and support.     

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