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2023 07-16   “When the deacon comes to serve, he must empty himself from all selfish concerns. …”

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy

The Catholic Church provides an opportunity for men to serve as Permanent Deacons.  Those men who are called to the Permanent Deaconate can be married, and they are ordained usually after a rigorous period of five years of training and formation.  Many permanent deacons have secular jobs to support their families, and strive to balance family, Church, work and other responsibilities.  Deacons can:

  •  Preside at Baptisms and Weddings
  • Assist the priest or bishop at Mass
  • Proclaim the Gospel and preach
  • Teach in Adult Education and RCIA and RCIC programs
  • Preside at Holy Hours and Prayer Services
  • Visit the homebound and the sick
  • Lead Communion Services
  • Preside over the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Preside at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Prepare couples for marriage.
  • Deacons can also serve and assist in other ways.

The “Liturgical Manual For Deacons” published by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix states, “When the deacon comes to serve, he must empty himself from all selfish concerns.  He “must minister to the priest and to the altar with the humility of Him whose very body and blood were offered on the altar of the cross.”  The document also stated that “All must have such trust in his prudence and charity that his wise guidance is spontaneously welcomed.”

The following “Prayer for Deacons and Their Wives” from the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg asks the Lord to guide deacons in their ministry:

Lord Jesus Christ, Servant of all,
Send your Spirit upon our deacons and their wives as they serve your Church.
Give them eyes to see the needs of Your people.
Give them a discerning mind to know your truth.
Give them a generous spirit when they are tired but needed.
Give them a humble heart when their work goes unnoticed.
Give them peace of mind in obedience and service.
Give them health of body so they may serve with strength.
Make them fertile ground for Your inspiration and love.
Comfort them when they question themselves and their ministry.
Grant them grace as they age so they may share your wisdom.
Make their hearts like Yours so they may love Your people.   Amen. 


As we reflect on this prayer, we are reminded that we are blessed to have many faithful, dedicated, and holy deacons to serve us at Saint Brigid.  Please avail yourself of an opportunity to thank them for their service and continue to wish them well in their ministry.

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