Resource Center – Thank You Sponsors

Welcome to the MOSB Resource Center, an online opportunity to engage with companies that support the charitable efforts of the MOSB through generous donations and financial contributions.

Please review the companies listed and, if you have interest in a product or service, simply click the word Websiteto link to company information and interact directly with them on sales and service. Please be aware that any transactions you complete with a company are strictly between you and the company. The Men of Saint Brigid and Saint Brigid Catholic Church are not involved in the transaction.  Thank you.

Sponsor Spotlight

Be sure to visit the websites of two companies highlighted below in our Sponsor Spotlight. They offer exciting travel and vacation opportunities. Any time a transaction is completed, a donation is made to the Men of Saint Brigid in support of our fund-raising efforts. Thank you.

Tuscan Resort (Website) Travel Pledge (Website)


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